Exclusive Autobody Offers Complete Collision & Mechanical Repair Services.

I-Car Gold Class Certified
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Aluminum Welding Certified

Manufacturer Certification

We are located at:
1761 PLainfield Pike
Johnston, RI 02919
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Fully Licensed and Insured.

Engine Light On?

Have us plug in and examine code #'s.

Collision Repair

Engine Repair



CALL 401.272.2219

We'll work with your insurance company and handle all the details in effort to make your experience hassle free.

Craig Demming (left) has been providing quality autobody services for his community for over a decade and always offers the best price possible. Honesty and mpeccable customer service  id the key to his success.

Collision Repair

Engine Repair


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We do our best to go beyond our customer's expectations.

"Everything was excellent" S.Carpentieri 10-19


" I have been a satisfied customer for over 30 years and I'm sure I'll be back" A.Leach 08-19


"The car looked as good as new!" B.Mitchell 08-19


 "Service is always the best" L.DiCarlo 06-19


 "Everything lookd great. Craig was wonderful to work with." J.Carnevale 06-19


"The whole experience was positive" I. Silversmith 06-19


"You went over & above what anyone else would have done" A.Pistauro 05-19


"The service,quality of repair and outstanding honesty of Exclusive, is impossible to improve. Excellent! M. Nardone 04-19


"I would recommend your services to anyone who needed work done on their vehicles. Continue to treat your customers as you do...can't fail with that"

D.DiMille 04-19


"Car looked immaculate when I got it  back. Looked as if it came straight off the lot" J.Maynard 04-19


"Craig is always easy to work with. Excellent finished product" G.Smollins 03-19


"Very satisfied with the quality of the repair and the cost was well below market" M.Carlone 02-19


"Craig & Mary, You were both so wonderful! My mom is delighted with the work  on her 2009 Elantra . Thank you for giving her a fair price and getting her back on the road." L.Leach 02-19


"Outstanding service & turnaround time" K.McCann 02-19


"Everyone there is extremely professional and we feel like family"

C.Parente 02-19


"Very satisfied with repair and immaculate condition of vehicle. Your customer service and workmanship are excellent" B. Iacono 02-19


"You and your staff took  very good care of our needs and we want to thank you. I would not hesitate to  refer your shop to anyone" K. Nichols 02-19


"Happy with the service and I will not hesitate to call again" B.Reisman 01-19


"Excellent service for over 20 years" J.Zangrilli 12-18


"As always, Craig goes out of his way to help all" R.Vitale 12-18


" Services were top notch. Keep up the good work. I feel confident that you are within reach if more assistance is ever needed." G.McElroy 11-18


"Extremely prompt and every staff person was courteous, helpful & welcoming" L. Sinkler 11-18


"Great people, great job" J.Toney   10-18


" Everything was perfect" L.Luongo 10-18


"We have no complaints and will refer anyone who may need your services" C.Easterday 10-18


"Courteous, professiona, always  called  with updates"  D.Letourneau 10-18


"Continue as you are " F.Puleo


 "Service was excellent" J. Bogue 09-18


" Your company is amazing. If you ever need me to tell potential customers, please give them my name/#/email"  P Higgins 07-18


" I was very impressed so I have no suggestions." J Notarantonio 07-18


" It was done quicker than expected and looked brand new again

"N. Palazzo 07-18


" I am always treated very good. I trust you" S.Turchetta 06-18


"From my initial phone call through pickup,I was able to get everything I wanted" J Sousa 05-18


"Would not bring my vehicle to anyone else" P.McCormick 05-18


" Process was painless and straight " K.Fitzgerald 05-18


" Everyone we dealt with was professional and seemed honest" M.Penta 04-18


"Keep doing what you are doing" P.Langford 04-18


"Beyond my expectations" C.Loomis


"You and your staff were friendly & accomadating. It was even clean inside and smelled great. Bumper was beautiful,shiny and matched perfectly. You went above and beyond.Even the delivery and pickup of the rental car. Keep up the great work!" S.Garceau 03-18


"They went above & beyond! They took care of everything and made it seemless!  Took my worries away" S.Venagro 02-18


" You guys already do a great job. Thats why us customers keep coming back" S.Nolan 02-18


" The service exceeded my expectations. The repair was flawless, and more importantly, the commitment date was met?" R.Newman 01-18


" I was very pleased with the workmanship" T.Krawczyk 12-01-17


"I recommend Exclusive Auto Body to everyone" D.Maaz 11-07-17


" Yes, very well satisfied. Never had a single problem, team was spot on"  L. Rivera 10-26-17


"Keep doing what your doing. Thank you for all of your hard work. It looked better than new!" K.Staples 09-29-17


"My wife and daughter's cars have  been repaird by you also-we love your caliber of workmanship!" S.Flynn 08-31-17


"Always happy doing business with you" S.Kaiser 08-29-17


"Could not be treaqted better anywhere" L.Colucci 08-16-17


" I feel as though I have a brand new Sante Fe" B.Vanner 08-04-17


"I was extremely happy and would recomend Exclusive Auto Body to my family and friends"  T Lavallee   07-19-17

    "People who see my vehicle and know how it looked before, were blown away at how it looks brand new"  T. Spirito 06-17-17


"We were very pleased with our experience"  E.Hopkins 06-16-17


" I was going to write a spontaneous testimony about what a fabulous job you guys did. Top Notch!"   B.Zuck 06-06-17


"Exclusive Auto Body is great! Love the service" A.Monroe 04-11-17


"Top Notch-Service, quality & friendliness"  D.Lussier 04-13-17


" You were great and I appreciate it Craig." C.Colgan 04-10-17


 "The service exceeded my expectations! I have been recommending to everyone" G.Grace 03-20-17


"Your services are excellent" T.Kaiser 02-20-17


"Service was above and beyond" V.Lomba 01-30-17


"More than satisfied, cleaning the inside of the car was beyond our expectations" B Lynch 01-30-17


"Very professional- business wise, concerned, polite & friendly" S.Vingi 01-06-17


" I have had nothing but positive experience with Exclusive over the past 30 years" A. Leach 12-22-16


"Everything was perfect and I am extremely satisfied, also very impressed" L.Dell'Aquila 12-13-16


"My truck hasn't looked this good since I bought it" W.Sullivan 12-08-16


" Services were great, very easy drop-off and pick up with a rental car waiting" M. Coletta  11-02-16


"Great workmanship & attention to detail" R. Baudreau 10-27-16


"Stay as you are doing-you are the Best"  J.Colafrancesco 10-20-16


" Thank you  for excellent work & honesty by returning money found under the seat" Doris  L   09-28-16


" Your services have always been the best"  A. Leach 09-28-16


"It was exceptional; vehicle lookes beautiful" M. Ippolito


 "far exceeded my expectations"  T Jordan 08-18-16


"Can't even tell where damage was - Extremely happy. A. Pettinato 08-17-16


" Keep doing what you're doing, it was the best service in the car industry I have ever had..  G Moretti  08-16-16


"Service was perfect"   D Strom 08-15-16


"You've exceeded my expectations. Absolutely wonderful people .Made this very easy & painless."  R Farraone 06-22-16


"Would recommend you to anyone" K Sullivan  04-19-16


" Craig, Thank  you so much for the exceptional customer service! You made this process very easy & enjoyable. The car looks & drives great. I cant remember when it ever looked as good as it does now. Should I or any of my friends or family,need any service for our cars, I will surely recommend everyone to you!"   A. Smith 04-16


"Perfect. Keep doing what you are doing." D.Votta 02-16


"This was by far the best repair situation we have been in.  The people were so kind." K Smiley 02-16


"I thinkyour service was amazing" D Goodreau 02-16


" I was completely satisfied . I wouldnot hesitate to recommend your shop" F.Sharpe 01-16


"Fast,courteous & excellent quality" K. Street 01-16


" You have avery well run customer oriented business. It is a pleasure doing business with you!" D. Barone 12-15


"As always, I am impressed with the personal one to one discussion that takes place re:the work that needs to be done. It is an art to be able to restore vehicles & their damages to original condition" S. Flynn 12-15


" Always satisfied with everything" E.Cross 12-15


"Service was prompt, professional & rapid" S.Hallene 12-15


"We think your perfect as is" L. Patriarca 10-15


" I am very pleased with the friendly staff and excellent service I received" R.Talley 10-15


"I am very impressed at the level of service." D.Fagan 09-15


" You are great people to do business with." L. Pickering 09-15


" Everything was great! I mention your name whenever I can!" A. Troll 08-15


"I would definitely refer any of my friends and family" C.Velleco 08-15


"You cannot improve perfection." R.Santucci 08-15


"Keep doing as you do" C. Wentworth 07-15


"You guys have been great. This is the 3rd vehicle I have had repaired" J. Biagoni 06-15


" Having my car detailed was fantastic"  F. O'Leary 05-15


"I could only say keep doing things the way you do"   W. Muhammad 05-15


"The work was done expertly within a reasonable time frame"  J.Granatino 05-15


Yes I am very satisfied with the services done to mi vehicle it looks like it just came from the dealer"             J.Sosa 04-15


"Family friendly business, customer service second to none,picked up my vehicle and drop off"                 M. King  04-15


"More than satisfied. It looked like it just came off the lot"T. Fura 04-15


"We were 100% satisfied and will send referrals your way. Thank you for the outstanding service!"D.Gawron  04-15


" Craig & his staff are always on top of things and very courteous & professional"S. Saliba 03-15.

Five Star Service

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